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Brow grooming

Brow Grooming services include waxing, shaping and tinting. Brow Grooming is using your natural brows to enhance your look. Whether You're looking to clean up your natural shape, gain a new shape or define your shape with darkening the hairs. The Brow Artist will work with you to reach your brow goals. 

Waxing is a gentle and simple way to remove unwanted hairs giving you your desired shape. This can be combined with tweezing for those more stubborn and smaller hairs. Trimming can be done to help with longer hairs and better the shape of your brows. With routine Brow Grooming you can actually texturize the hair to build a proper shape.

For those with lighter or more sparse brows, Brow Tinting can be used to enhance and define the shape of your brows. This allows you to avoid using pencils and powders to try to get your brows to your desired look.  This can last from 4-6 weeks depending on aftercare and brow growth.


Brow Waxing is a quick and easy service where the Brow Artist will map out your brows and wax needed areas to obtain the look you'd like to achieve. Wax is applied and left until dried. Once its ready to be removed a small cloth like strip is used to remove the wax and hairs. Sometimes plucking is necessary to get those stubborn or small hairs and trimming is needed to trim those longer hairs. 


BROW wax & TINt

Brow Tinting can be used in addition to waxing to help reach those brow goals. This semi permanent dye will help to enhance, shape and define your brows. The goal with Brow Tinting is to match your natural brow colour.  Brow Tinting  maximizes your brow potential by making ever hair count, even those light baby hairs, giving you the appearance of thicker and more accentuated brows




While not every style may be appropriate for your brows, our team is committed to designing the best look for you.

Take a look below to get an idea of the variety of styles we love.

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